We are an evidence based management consultancy specializing in conflict management, conflict assessment, organizational effectiveness, strategy formulation and implementation, and change management.

Within each of our practices we provide: Consultancy, Training, Mediation, & Facilitation. What makes us different is our focus on evidence-based solutions.

We only use methods and tools with valid evidence that they work. What does this mean for you? Measurable improvements in business performance using proven methods.

N2B Solutions Group, LLC. in short, we are world-class providers of the Conflict Dynamic Profile® and Everything DiSC® online assessment tools.

It is a simple vision and at its heart, is a belief that learning in business should be goals-focused, interactive, behavior changing, and genuinely useful at all times with measurable returns. In the end, it is what people do differently after working with us that count. With combined 65 years of experience in consultancy, driving skill development, and military senior leadership experience, we guarantee you will not regret choosing us as your solutions partner.