Why clients come to N2B Solutions Group

Clients come to N2B Solutions Group for the following reasons: o N2B Solutions Group defines target markets and develops competitive leveraging strategies. o Provide internal alternative dispute resolution medication consultation, mediation, and workshops. o Establish and maintain exceptional relationships with business units and managers. o Initiate and deliver creative solutions for growing, changing business environments. o Orchestrate overall Human Capital Management (HCM) strategies covering conflict resolution, diversity implementation, change & performance management, associate relations & development, integrated mediation planning, and strategic recruiting, and new hire orientation with a strategic twist. o Coordinate with business unit managers to balance the business priorities of employee needs through a situational approach. o Upgrade and improve management performance through collaborative discussions, strategic decision-making practices, and executive coaching. o Facilitate training and development efforts. o Deliver comprehensive training in Organizational Development, Equal Employment Opportunity, Dispute Resolution and Performance Development Metrics. o Strategic Session Planning. o Skilled in assessing/developing senior Executives, Military Personnel, Officers, Directors, Managers, and Front-Line Employees. o Provide grant writing and grant research for non-profit organizations. o Plan and implement change actions enhancing performance and productivity. Our solutions are not "out of the box". Every project and customer need is different and we develop a customer strategy service plan and pricing for each customer. No matter the reasons why our clients come to us we always offer a substantial cost savings over contingent consulting organizations!