Leadership Development

Learning how to create and lead high performing teams is often made overly complex and rather too theoretical. In reality, at most levels' improving the performance of and successfully leading high performing teams is quite simple.

N2B Solutions Group, LLC. takes this over analyzed and complicated concept and presents it in a straightforward, logical, practical, engaging and highly memorable way. We look at the dynamics and leadership of people, recognizing that everyone has at least somebody else to lead, not least themselves! As individual and corporate success increasingly revolves around achieving outcomes with and through other people, rather than personal performance, the benefits are very visible and highly relevant to all involved.

Evolving & Upcoming Leaders Management Training:

Management techniques to be prepared to lead the team effectively, is our focus. Learn to build on your base of preexisting management skills. Great leaders excel because they continuously learn, expanding their knowledge of their personal Leadership Style while developing One-to-One. Here at N2B Solutions Group, we offer these single-topic facilitated management discussions to help you develop and expand your talent. All sessions will run from 9:00 am to 12:00 am (full day classes offered for additional fee), cost $100 per person (20 max).

Promoted to Supervisor, Now What? The Transitioning Phase:

Moving from the role of an individual contributor or front-line employee to a supervisory role comes with challenges. There is much to be gained, but some things must be given up. This discussion will focus on how to guide and coach a new supervisor through this transition successfully. Some of the topics explored will include:

* What’s needed from the supervisor’s supervisor * Defining the role and behaviors needed in a supervisory role * Coaching a new supervisor through the transition * Defining success, and evaluating progress – pitfalls to watch out for

This discussion will also be advantageous to an employee who has recently moved into a supervisory role.

Leading Change:

Change is ever-present. Indeed, it must be in order for an organization to continue to succeed. An organization’s ability to successfully change is dependent upon how well all of its leaders are able to establish a vision, build alignment, and execute successfully. Through this discussion we will explore:

* Essential behaviors and activities a leader must display and perform in order for change to occur successfully * Explore your personal strengths and weaknesses in managing change, identifying what you need to do differently in future change efforts * Examine various communication strategies – an essential element in change

Free Assessment! As part of this session you will have the opportunity to take the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment and the Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP) – Individual assessment.