Integrating N2B Solutions Group Mediation into your organization

N2B Solutions Group believes that a healthy and productive organization is one that offers its employees an alternative to the typical adversarial and expensive forms of dispute resolution in time of conflict. We believe that mediation, when offered as a real option to all employees, can not only help to repair and rebuild individual relationships between parties in dispute, but also help to transform the culture of an organization to one that views conflict as an opportunity for consensus, growth and development.

When an organization has an integrated mediation scheme, it means that the organization is equipped with a fully trained, neutral, and internal workplace mediators who understand the unique nature of their organization, its values, its culture and its structures. It involves the complete embedding of mediation into a company's systems, processes and culture and is designed to set within quality frameworks and whose mediators are certified and equipped with the skills to mediate complex workplace disputes.

Very small organizations or those with an outsourced HR departments, might benefit most from external out-sourced mediation schemes which we provide. Rather than having a team of internal mediators, out-sourced schemes have access to highly trained, fully independent mediators whenever they need them. N2B Solutions Group can work with you to help educate employees about mediation, its benefits and when it is appropriate.

Why should my organization invest in establishing a mediation scheme?

Mediation is well regarded around the world as a reliable and effective alternative to formal dispute resolution processes because it offers faster, cheaper and more complete solutions to conflict. When these benefits are applied to an entire organization, the effect is even greater.

Not only do companies save money by preventing some disputes to progressing to costly employment tribunals, it also offers employees greater satisfaction and control over their lives by providing them with the opportunity to have control over the outcome.

The benefits of integrating N2B Solutions Group Mediation Services

Organizations that establish integrated mediation schemes are building on their commitment to create an organization where people are able to work with dignity and respect. Their staff work in an environment where they can be confident that workplace conflicts will be resolved effectively and speedily, and the organization develops a culture and a reputation as a place where workplace conflicts are managed positively and resolved constructively.

Mediation improves employee engagement and wellbeing by:

* Increasing job satisfaction due to open dialogue, active listening, improved relations, and reduced conflict from active prevention;
* Empowering employees through collaborative dispute resolution and increased and improved communication;
* Reducing stress through effective and constructive conflict management and the building of empathy and emotional intelligence in team leaders and managers.

What support do we provide?

At N2B Solutions Group, we have extensive experience of developing integrated workplace mediation schemes. We have worked with organizations of all sizes, in all sectors and who face all sorts of challenges when trying to introduce mediation as a new alternative to resolving disputes (and if your organization faces a new challenge, we will work closely with you to figure out how to overcome it!).

Organizations that work with N2B Solutions Group to integrate mediation will not only receive the highest quality of accredited training, but also complete wrap-around support, guidance and consultancy from N2B Solutions Group's Integrated Mediation Schemes coordinator.

Working closely with our clients over the years we have learned that there are five key ways in which N2B Solutions Group mediation should be integrated in order to create a sustainable and highly effective mediation scheme:

1. Build a team with our certified internal Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediators who can provide support and assistance when managers or HR are unable to handle the situation. We can also help when the parties require a mediator who is independent and completely impartial.
2. Embed mediation into your policies and procedures – We recommend developing a grievance resolution procedure.
3. Engage all key stakeholders – particularly unions, HR, managers, occupational health and board members.
4. Train your managers and HR teams to be conflict competent. This does not take weeks or months – our one or two-day courses will equip them with the necessary skills.
5. Make mediation mainstream – Promote mediation as widely as possible and embed it into your employee engagement, employee wellbeing, change management and customer relation activities.

From our years of experience we have developed a comprehensive 8-stage process which we know to be the best way to establish an internal Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation Scheme. By following these 8-steps, we can ensure that you will have a fully embedded, effective, and efficient mediation service that will not only produce results for your employees but for your organization as well.