Our programs are not designed to cut across or replace any other leadership or team development that a company already has in place. Rather it offers an additional assessment and analysis tool – a sense check, to ensure that the investment that is being made to improve leaders and teams are both worthwhile and appropriate.

The way in which we engage learners provides a unique opportunity to view their own ability at a practical level. Very quickly we get to the heart of how they approach a difficult situation, how well they interact and involve their team, how effective their communication is and how flexible their thinking and actions are in times of crisis. By not fully assessing and developing these traits there is a risk them seeing them for the first time only when there is a real crisis at work – not an ideal time to discover deficiencies or in fact alter behavior.

N2B Solutions Group provides a strategic analysis of all activity and effectiveness and allows each learner to understand what worked and what did not and in the latter case particularly, why that was so. All learners leave with a Learning Action Plan, Talent Development Plan (TDP), and a Conflict Dynamic Profile-Individual which details their strengths and weaknesses and development goals to take back to work.

Typically the one day leadership program is most popular, not only because it only a day long but because the intensity of learning and direct relevance to work situations, a huge amount can be taken away and used instantly.

Increasingly a leadership workshop cover a vast amount of leadership topics, are becoming more common as some companies have had to bring in wide scale and far-reaching strategic and structural reform, causing great upheaval and uncertainty among new teams and departments. The longer length workshops provides a dynamic platform for engaging all concerned to move forward with a shared learning experience which again can be universally applied back at work.

For those who really want a life and performance changing opportunity, N2B Solutions Group, LLC. offers the ultimate in global and human capital leadership development.